Company Mission
Enhance the way the world learns
Aula is a remote-first 35-person team from 11 nationalities building a communication platform for education. Think ‘Slack for education’.

Powered by an ecosystem of integrations, Aula is the foundational layer in the university tech stack that shapes a whole industry.

We built Aula because we believe digital infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

We’re backed by people like the founder of Unity, CTO at Eventbrite, a co-founder of Zendesk, a co-founder of JustEat and world-class VCs like Project A, BrightEye and Sunstone.
Company Values
1. Build learning into everything
2. Be feedback-driven
3. Think 11x
- **Personal development is part of being 'a high performer'.** You're supported in, and accountable for, your personal growth. You set the direction.
- **Shared ownership:** Joining the Aula journey means you will own part of the company.
- **Workspace**: Remote doesn't mean you have to work at home.
- **Technology:** Get hooked up with the technology you need to do your best work.
- **Free books:** Whatever you want to read.
- **Family leave:** We offer enhanced family leave and pay - and a commitment to open, continuous communication.
- **Travel stipends:** Go meet your colleagues.
- **Flexible working:** We’re flexible about when and where you work as long as you have 4 hours of overlap with the workday in GMT.
- **Company retreats**: Every 6 months, we meet up to connect, talk about big ideas and have fun.
Company Information
London, UK
Anders Krohn
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