Hello! What's your name, your company name and your role there?

Ivana Veljovic, Aurity, Marketing Manager
Can you give a brief overview of the company background and what you guys do?

At Aurity we build and train software teams that develop 7 times faster. Our remote teams are specialized in developing web and mobile apps with backends, creating tailored solutions and helping companies kick-start their projects quicker and more effectively. From the first time, we faced React Native technology we knew it could be a new revolution in app making. We saw its potential to supercharge development speed and efficiency. To prove the theory we have started an R&D project in Aurity. After 3 years of research and £300k of investment, we finally made a framework that helps us create cross-platform applications with the same code base with up to 95% of code reuse, which with the normal development it ranges from 0-10%.
What percentage of your company works remotely and have you always been remote-friendly? If not, what prompted the change?

Aurity started remotely, and we are still 100% remote. However, we will have offices where our developers will be able to work. Depending on our clients' needs developers could choose to work remotely or in-house.
What do you see as the biggest advantages of working remotely?

Access to global talents and it's easier to adjust budget especially for Startup companies that are not ready to invest in expensive developers, workspace, equipment, etc. We also found that as a result of working remotely our developers are more productive, creative, they solve problems better and finish more work.
What are the biggest challenges you've faced and the obstacles you've overcome? If you had to start over, what would you do differently?

Sharing knowledge between teams was not that easy and natural as it would be in the office where developers could share their findings even at the lunch break.
What do you look for in a remote employee and how do you hire for good company fit?

The candidates need to be passionate about their work. We test each candidate from the skill perspective, put the vision, proactivity and energy are what we are looking for. If they are ready to make a change in the way people develop than we are ready to invest in them no matter where they are.
What elements make up a successful remote team? What’s the trickiest aspect to leading and managing a remote team?

1. Communication 2. Trust 3. Defined processes 4. Project management When it comes to managing remote tech teams, we suggest having established rules for coding. Each developer has his/her style, and that is good, but they need to adjust their code so anyone can jump into the project and continue their work if necessary. Besides that, it is great to have a Project Manager who will be able to make the decision, lead meetings, and make sure developers are delivering on time.
How do you nurture your culture and the personal relationships within the company?

We nurture our culture and personal relationships by meeting one another in person. Connection and good relationships are what we at Aurity value the most. We are more than just coworkers. We love to travel, visit one another and meet other cultures. From time to time we also meet together and play online games. There are plenty of activities that we practice online like exploding kittens or cards against humanity. Whatever game we choose it is beneficial to play as it boost the motivation and establish trust between team members.
What advise would you give to a team just starting out as a remote company or a team transitioning to remote work?

Don't forget to communicate! Communication is a crucial factor for managing teams and keeping them motivated. Since there’s no direct contact between team members, managers and leaders should ensure effective communication by any means. With all available technologies, it’s easy to do it on an everyday basis. Having daily standups with the team will make sure everyone is on track and aware of their tasks. You should also have calls with each employee individually and not necessary should always be related to work.
Company Mission
Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation and excellence that empowers our clients and teams to develop exceptional products. Our goal is to leverage advanced frameworks for mobile and web app development, saving up to 40% more time and money for our clients, allowing them to channel their resources into bringing ground-breaking ideas to life.