Company Mission
We are on a mission to re-imagine the world of online WordPress freelancing and create a healthy working environment for both freelancers and clients bringing back old values like "my word is my word" and "a deadline is a deadline". We are on a quest to create a platform that will enable both clients and freelancers to whistle while they work. Because we believe that it’s then and only then when the best work happens.
Codeable is the only WordPress exclusive freelancer platform, connecting thousands of customers with top freelance talent across the world. Projects vary in scope and size, and so do the people that Codeable serves — from developers and business owners to enterprises with mission critical websites. Reimagining the world of online on-demand work, Codeable’s healthy working environment is guided by trust, accountability and a laser sharp focus on quality. It is trusted by over 12,000 customers across 130+ countries to provide an impeccable WordPress development experience that enables clients scale their businesses, not just their WordPress sites.
Company Values
We believe in doing everything with passion & heart
→ Codeable is not just a business, we are a mission-driven company. We give a damn and put our hearts into everything we do. We are on a quest to re-think the online outsourcing world and we know it takes a heart to move a mountain. We believe that when you’re passionate about what you do, you inevitably produce high-quality work and hold yourself accountable to high standards.

We believe in being happy & human
→ We are in the business of connecting humans to do quality work together. As such, we believe in love, care, respect, trust and authenticity. We treat all of our employees, clients and experts with love, care and respect, we trust them and we expect them to be as authentic and respectful to us and each other as we are. As humans, we also make mistakes. Everybody does. We believe mistakes are the best way to learn. We screw up and believe it takes trust and patience to solve a problem. As humans, we also believe in saying no. We say no to assholes, no to disrespectful clients and no to experts who misalign with our values.

We believe in having fun and taking care of ourselves. // We take fun seriously
→ We’re serious about our business, but we’re not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re serious about work, but we’re also very serious about taking breaks. We believe that that’s the only way to whistle while you work. Playful, but serious.
Company Information
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