Company Mission
Civilized discussion for your community.
We build a community platform for civilized discussion on the web — we feel so strongly about it that we even named our company Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc. We started in 2013 with 3 co-founders unusually passionate about online discussion. We’re now a team of 30 and growing fast.

First and foremost we are a hosting company. The product that we host and develop, Discourse, is of course 100% open source software.
Company Values
We are a completely remote company, working from 15 different countries and 12 different timezones. You’ll never guess how we coordinate our work. Wait, did you just guess Discourse? That’s right, we use Discourse as our primary team coordination tool to build Discourse! Discourse excels at asynchronous, distributed teamwork, so we can keep interruptions like instant messaging, calls, and meetings to a minimum.
Completely flexible schedule
No set hours. Need to take two weeks off? Wanna try the digital nomad lifestyle? Let’s figure it out! If customers are happy, we’re happy.

Remote work, zero commute time
Work anywhere you have a computer and internet access. We’ll also fund up to $400/month in colocated office expenses, if you prefer not to work from home.

Work with a diverse team
Spanning 5 continents and 12 timezones, we’re looking to hire people with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.

Five weeks of vacation
Plus all major holidays. We’re very flexible — as long as work is getting done, set your schedule as you need to.

Yearly world meetup
As a remote team we don’t see each other much, so we come together in an all-expenses-paid week once every year, in a host city represented by someone that works at Discourse. So far we’ve been to San Francisco, Toronto, Sydney, France, and India!

Competitive salary for skill level
We can’t quite afford to throw infinite VC money at people to hire them; we pay commensurate with income so we can remain an ongoing, viable business. But we continue to grow, and all our graphs go "up and to the right" as you’d expect.

Work on a major open source project
Discourse is technically groundbreaking (we were a JavaScript app before it was cool) and powers a not-insignificant percent of the internet already. Discourse is one of the top 100 GitHub open source projects and one of the top 3 Rails, Ember.js, and Ruby open source projects in the world!

Impact on the direction of the company
Discourse is still a small company, with 30 people, and barely five years old. You will be a central part of what we do and have major input into every decision we make as a company.

We’ll buy you cutting-edge hardware
Discourse will buy you a super nice laptop or desktop of your choice, and a fancy chair for your "second most important asset" (after your brain), at minimum.

We support an official code of conduct
We have an official code of conduct on our open source project, and we respect that same code of conduct in all our work together as professionals.

We believe every new human being is a net positive to the world!
3 months paid maternity or paternity leave for parents.
Company Information
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