Company Mission
We created Edgar in 2014 so that professionals could manage their social media with more consistency and in less time.
We’re a totally self-funded business, which means we grow from actually being profitable. We’re 100% remote, so you can work from the comfort of your home office, local coffee shop, or underground nuclear fallout shelter. We know that a company culture that fosters creativity, success, and happiness takes more than the occasional free beer and a foosball table in the breakroom. (Nothing against foosball.)

Basically, we’re a small team of thing-doers, fun-havers, and goal-crushers. We plan for big successes, because those are always more fun. We don’t bother with office politics – it’s way too cliche, and also, we don’t

have an office. (So, you can wear stretchy pants to work and no one will judge.)

We know we’re ridiculously lucky to have this crack squad of ambitious, kind, independent little nerds, and we want to keep that going by bringing in even more people who love geeking out about what they do and doing work they’ll be super proud of.

(And on that note, we’re an equal-opportunity employer genuinely committed to building a diverse team, and to fostering the type of inclusive environment in which diversity thrives.)
Company Values
Choose Kindness
Our relationships with our customers and with each other are built on trust, respect, and the occasional cute animal gif. We leave our egos out of the equation, we give people the benefit of the doubt, and we help one another to be our best selves.

Take Ownership
Everyone on our team has the opportunity to make a significant, long-lasting impact – and not just by turning in a memorable karaoke night performance. We grow by being profitable, not by relying on investors, and that means we’re all directly responsible for our own successes.

Value for Value
Edgar’s users and his team are what keep this whole thing working – well, that, and a not-insignificant amount of caffeine. We make sure that the people responsible for our success are treated the way they deserve.
100% Remote

Want a commute that’s only 30 seconds long? Think cats make the best officemates? Work with us, work from home, work in your ding-dang jim-jams. Our company was built to be distributed, so you’ll never feel left out for working remotely – it’s what literally all of us do!

Work Only During Work Hours

We want you to have a life outside the office – and we don’t believe in “make your own hours” policies that end up translating to “you’re on call pretty much all the time.” Clock out at the end of the day and don’t even think about checking on that inbox!

Own Your Wins

We hire people who are amazing at what they do – so we trust them to make their own decisions! Chart your own course, and we’ll give you what you need. (If we thought we knew better than the people we hire, we’d just do their jobs ourselves, you know?)

Self-funded & Profitable

Growing slowly and sustainably is a lot more fun than leaving your job security up to chance – or up to the outcome of your next round of funding. We don’t have investors to answer to, so we get to do things however we want! (Well, almost. Stay out of trouble, kids.)
Company Information
Austin, TX
North America
Laura Roeder
Remote Ratio:
$1 to $5 million (USD) per year
Social Media
Private, Bootstrapped