Company Mission
At Nebulab, we strive to produce high-quality work basing our processes and company life on lean principles and respect for people we work with: our teammates, the Open Source community, and our clients.

We strongly believe in personal and professional growth, a sustainable pace, and a healthy work-life balance. That’s the reason we aim at providing the best place to work: a place where learning and sharing are possible, and benefits go along with a tailored growth path.

Open Source
Getting involved in Open Source by learning, coding, and giving back is our way to succeed. This endless cycle allows us to improve our skills, find new clients, and inspire others using Open Source to do the same.

We collaborate with companies that share our mindset and working values such as professionalism, transparency, and a sense of mutual respect and cooperation. Our team of trusted, engaged, and motivated individuals understands our clients’ real needs and drives them to success throughout a high-level of empathy, autonomy, and technical skills.
Nebulab was founded by two developers and one designer with a shared desire: to create a company that delivers exceptionally high-quality digital products. No compromises allowed.

Today Nebulab is a growing company of digital consulting experts specialized in designing, developing, and maintaining high-quality eCommerce websites built with Solidus and Ruby on Rails applications.

We are a team of respectful, smiling, and hard-working people with a genuine curiosity and passion for what we do and, over time, each of us has specialized in a chosen area of expertise. 

We have designed our culture, our day-to-day work, and our interactions to maximize productivity, growth, and happiness and to achieve a better work-life balance. We want technology to be warm and welcoming.
Company Values
- Be honest
- Be transparent
- Enjoy both life and work
- Be committed to clients
- Strive for excellence, not perfection
- Build valuable human connections
→ Remote work
You can work from one of our beautiful offices in central Italy or remotely, as much as you want.

→ Paid retreats
We get together twice a year to work on our own projects, bond and chill out!

→ Cheerful environment
You’ll be surrounded by people who love what they do and have a good time while doing it.

→ Your tools of choice
We will provide whatever hardware and software you need in order to do your very best work.

→ Study Fridays
We only work for clients 4 days a week. Friday is dedicated to personal growth and demos!

→ Paid conferences
Want to attend that conference? Let us know and we’ll pay for the trip, accommodation, and tickets.

→ Educational budget
We provide an educational budget for books, courses, and anything else that will help you hone your skills.

→ Competitive salary
We believe in compensating people fairly, so we offer salaries amongst the best you can find.

→ Flexible work hours
As long as you’re doing great work, we really don’t mind if it’s a regular 9-to-5 or something else.

→ Mentoring
You’ll have a dedicated mentor who’ll cheer for you as well as make sure you never stop growing.

→ Great offices
We have two offices, in Latina and Pescara, both equipped with amazing work tools and amenities.

→ Internet budget
If you have a fully remote contract, we’ll help you set up a fast connection for stress-free work experience.
Company Information
Pescara & Latina, Italy
Remote Ratio:
Web Design & Development